10 Cheap Items Your Should Have in Your Hunting Pack
By rowdyrob

Posted: October 6, 2016

Whether you are out on a day hike or on a multiday hunting trip, these supplies are cheap and affective.  Not only for camping, but survival could be crucial in certain situations with some of these easy pack supplies.

1. Duct Tape
Duct tape pretty much can do anything!

2. Iodine Tincture
Iodine is only about $2 a bottle and it can disinfect wounds or cuts and purify water.

3. Bic Lighter
For under $1 you can get a reliable lighter so you don’t have to be stuck without a fire.

4. Floss
Floss can be used as fishing line in survival situations, or be used to tie things together.

5. Food Bars
Most granola or protein bars have a few year shelf life making them ideal for a snack or something to ration and survive on.

6. Bottle of Bleach
Bleach can disinfect a glass of water or several gallons with only a few drops!

7. Super Glue
Super sticky and perfect to mend whatever fixes you need.

8. Bottled Water
It’s pretty self explanatory, bring water.

9. Toilet Paper
Toilet paper can be used for the obvious, or can be wrapped around a stick and used as a torch when soaked with oil and lit.

10. Permanent Marker
Markers are great tools when in survival situations.  Leaving notes, marking trails etc.  They can also be used as a makeshift candle.


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