13 Year-Old Bags First Elk Near Fort Peck!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 24, 2016

13 year-old Josie Kolstad from Glasgow bagged her first elk Saturday. It was quite a story for the Kolstad family as Josie went on the hunt with her dad Jon and her brother Jake. After Jake got back from Bozeman at 11:30pm they got into their boat and boated down 40 miles on Fort Peck Reservoir. They got to camp at 2:45am and then they got up at 5am to hike in by 6am. After a 2-mile hike they found some elk at 8am and that is when Josie bagged her first elk. After packing the bull elk out all day the trio got back home by midnight.

Wow..Congratulations Josie!