The Salmon Spawn on Fort Peck has Begun
By rowdyrob

Posted: October 5, 2016

Crews started last week collecting salmon looking for large numbers of eggs.  They will raise them into juveniles and release them back in 2017.  The fishery crews us electrofishing boats to stun the fish and collect the eggs (picture below). Salmon do not naturally reproduce in Fort Peck which is why raising the juveniles is crucial.  Once the fish are collected, they are transferred to a hatchery and the egg and milt are extracted so the offspring will be successfully fertilized over the winter.

When temps rise reach 55 degrees, the spawning kicks into high gear.  The egg quality is the best at these temps.  Salmon were first introduced to Fort peck in 1983 and have been doing well ever since.  Year after year, the salmon caught have grown larger with most fish averaging around 15 pounds.

Please be aware of fisheries crews and their electrofishing efforts, as they may be near areas where angling activities are taking place.  The salmon tend to congregate in areas where they were initially released.  Snagging for salmon began on Saturday, Oct. 1.  If there are any questions concerning the salmon spawning egg-take efforts, please call reservoir biologist Heath Headley at 526-3471.





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