The Untold Deer Hunters Story
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 20, 2016

So often we see a photo of a hunter with a buck, or doe with a big smile posing just right.  But that’s such a small part of what happened.

Buck scrape

Like that first morning when a scrape was found and that crazy rub on two trees.

Buck Rub

Hero photos don’t tell the story about that monent earlier in the day when the sun shined through the trees and you stopped to breathe in the morning.

Sun shine

Nor do hero shots tell about the steep climb up a mountain trail.

And hero shots leave out that old log cabin you found next to Deer Creek and how you stood there for ten minutes trying to picture what it was like the first and last season the old cabin was ever used.


Nope, hero shots don’t tell the story of hunting.  But aren’t those the reasons we enjoy hunting so much?


We need more hunting photos to go with our photos of animals we harvest.  Do you agree?