What Is Your Go-To Handgun?
By angelamontana

Posted: November 30, 2016

I, personally, love my casull. My .454 is my handgun of choice for most of the things I do, although I don’t hunt with it.  I have a small 9mm, but my casull is my go to. Why?  I am not completely sure. Aside from its physical beauty, it sure isn’t a gun I like to run 200-300 rounds through…ever. It does, however, shoot .45 rounds, too, which don’t seem to pack as much punch as the .454 ammo. But still, I like to shoot this revolver only as much as I have to just to know I can shoot it accurately and feel comfortable shooting it.  Maybe because it is such a beast of a gun and dubbed “the grizzly killer”, I so much respect the power this gun exudes.  I understand that all firearms are powerful and respect what a person can make them do, but there’s something about the casull’s look and feel.  It just gets me. Ha!  Seriously, that is most likely the ultimate reason I choose my casull as my go to. Respect.

I love my Ruger casull over the Taurus casull, in particular, because the Ruger is a six-shot compared to the Taurus five-shot. I prefer the 2 and 1/2-inch snub nose barrel over the 7-inch barrel for some reason, too. It probably has something to do with trying to trick myself into thinking the gun is compact–even though it isn’t.  When I take it out with me, it weighs me down like I have a weight on my hip.  I love that gun so much, it is worth the hip pain I get from carrying it, though.

Many people have a favorite, or their go-to, handgun.  Some people have different favorites for different activities.  I prefer my casull for almost everything. Concealed or not, this beast makes my heart race after seven years–and I love it.

What type of handgun is your go-to and why?  What makes the handgun section of your heart beat quickly?