An Albino Skunk?
By angelamontana

Posted: February 15, 2017

An albino skunk is exactly what Harry Yenne, of Florence, has mounted at his house.  Jason Maxwell, Harry’s grandson, recalls admiring the unique animal as far back as the 80s, and he believes it has been around for longer.

The taxidermy is definitely old and weathered but doesn’t take away from the coolness of the mount.  This is the first and only time Maxwell has ever seen an albino skunk.  It kind of resembles a large, white squirrel.

With social media and forums spotlighting the most unique of the animals in the world, including pibald deer, black coyotes and other albino wildlife, this might not be that bizarre to some, but seeing this in person is pretty neat to somebody who has only trapped animals with “normal” colors, so far. Although Maxwell is unsure if his grandpa was the one who actually trapped the skunk himself, you can’t argue the coolness of it.

What is the most unique mount YOU have ever seen?

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