Hunters: Consider becoming a Hunter or Bowhunter Education Instructor
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 1, 2017

If you are a hunter and want to pass on your hunting know-how there may be no better way to do that than .to teach Montana’s Youth

Hunter and Bowhunter Education Instructors are needed across northwest Montana to teach safety, outdoor skills, and ethics to students of all ages.  There are several hundred current instructors in the Region and they teach several thousand students each year. These instructors donate many hours each spring and fall to ensure that hunters coming into the hunting tradition are safe and ethical.

Hunter and Bowhunter Education is an integral part of each community in Montana. Instructors gain valuable experience in teaching and community service.  As a highpoint in their service, instructors point to the satisfaction of seeing their students become successful hunters.

Youngsters 14-17 years of age may apply to become Junior Instructors.  Junior Instructors can benefit from the experience of teaching Hunter and Bowhunter Education in several ways, including demonstrating responsibility in the community and adding to their resumes.

The Hunter Education program is currently celebrating 60 years of teaching youngsters to be safe and responsible.  Instructors are volunteers who receive training and supplies but no monetary compensation.  Amazingly, in Region One, two original instructors are still actively teaching: Bob Larsson in St. Ignatius and Pat McVay in Kalispell.  Both Bob and Pat have 60 years of teaching service.

To apply to become a Hunter or Bowhunter Education Instructor, log on to FWP’s website at the Become a Hunter Education/Bowhunter Instructor.

You can also contact an active local instructor to obtain an application, or call FWP in Helena at 444-9947, or in Kalispell at: 752-5501.

(A portion of this news release was used from the Montana FWP website at