Water and Fences Lead To Good Hunting
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 10, 2017

Should hot dry weather make hunters cringe?

The ground crunches and game seems scarce when the temps are high and conditions dry especially in early season. But hunters who key in on water sources and fence lines will find the game.

Fence lines are man-made obstacles that funnel deer, elk and antelope from bedding sites to feeding sites.

When it’s dry and those fences lead to water it’s a magnet for game.  Look for tracks and prevailing wind to position yourself down wind as game approaches and where you can intersect them along travel routes to the water.

Remember, water sources don’t need to be large to draw game. Any standing water in arid landscapes may draw a variety of animals including game birds.

Using the advantages available regardless of conditions are what makes good gunters great.  Good luck out there.