2017 Fall Mack Days Update – Week 3
By angelamontana

Posted: October 10, 2017

The third weekend of 2017 Fall Mack Days was a rock and roll weekend for the lake trout anglers on Flathead Lake. The boats were high in the air in some cases on Friday-Sunday with wind gusts blowing off and on all weekend. Winds brought on huge waves on Saturday keeping many boats out of the water. Seasoned anglers know what they themselves can handle and what their boat can handle.  A few of the larger boats ventured out during slight lulls in the high wave action Saturday riding out hail, snow, rain, wind, and rough water. Total catch for Friday was 436-Saturday-98-and Sunday totaled 488 lake trout entries.  The weekend total is at 4,578 with Tuesday-Thursday total at 1,032 bringing the number to 5,610 lake trout entered in the event so far. There are three hundred seventy four anglers registered in the event.

Up to $150,000 in Cash and Prizes sponsored by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will be awarded at the conclusion of the event which is used as a management tool to reduce non-native lake trout on Flathead Lake. Native bull trout (Threatened Species) and cutthroat trout are species of “Special Concern” under the Endangered Species Act. Preserving the native fish is important to Montana and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes for future generations. There are several ways to win prizes in the Event. Go to www.mackdays.com for more information.

The $10,000 tagged fish, three-$5,000, and five-$1,000 along with over 6,000 with values from $500-$100 are out there in the lake. Terry Krogstad had good fortune in the tagged fish category over the weekend. On Friday he turned in two $100 tagged fish, during the rough and wavy Saturday he was lucky enough to turn in a $200 tagged fish, and Sunday his luck held out with two more $100 tagged lake trout-nice reward at the end of a long hard weekend of fishing. The tagged lake trout are released all over the lake. There is no special area for them. It is pure luck and good fishing skills to catch and bring them in. Other $100 tags were turned in by Tim Mooney of Missoula, Laurie Kreis of Huson X 2, and Randy Hovet of Charlo had a $200 tagged fish. Fishing from shore Hovet had two entries with one of them being tagged.

Mike Benson of Lonepine is in the lead with nine days of weekend fishing out of the eight weekend long event over. Friday-Sunday Benson turned in 66, 44, and 80 entries bringing his total to 597, 2nd place Terry Krogstad-Kalispell-28, 17, & 39 for 433, Felix Gauci of Stevensville is 3rd with 17 and 45 for 406, 4th Sam Cusker of Whitefish 226, 5th Larry Karper of Florence with 218, 6th Larry Ashwell of Missoula with 207, 7th Scott Bombard-Missoula-173, 8th Richard Kreis-Huson-159, 9th Bob Christensen-Missoula-106, and 10th Bob Hereford-Missoula-106.

The ladies were out over the rough stormy weekend getting their lines in the water with Laurie Kreis of Huson in the lead with 101, Bobbi Hereford of Missoula has 50, Julie Woolley of Madesto, CA 3rd with 35, 4th Gina Schiff-Whitefish has 29, and 5th Brandy Hilde of Whitefish with 17.

Larry Karper took back the lead in the popular 70 and Over Category turning in 37 entries on Friday and 26 on Sunday for 218. Larry Ashwell is second turning in 10 Friday and 20 on Sunday for 207, 3rd Bob Christensen with 106, 4th Dan Olsen of Helena with 32, and 5th Jim Hoover of Whitefish with 21.

The first of the three days of the Bucket of Fish Competition on Friday (lake trout under 30”) was won with a full and over-flowing bucket of four lake trout totaling 34.15 lbs turned in by Richard and Laurie Kreis-$200 10pts, 2nd place was Terry Krogstad with 19.9 lbs-8 pts, 3rd Monte McPhearson of Silverdale WA with 19.85-6 pts, 4th Ken Lowe-Polson and Randy Hovet of Charlo with a 18.2 bucket-4 pts and Marty Herek of Polson was 5th with 18.2 lbs. The next bucket day is Saturday October 21 and the third day is Sunday November 5th the heaviest bucket each day wins $200.  Highest total points at the end of the three days win $250, second place $150, and third place $100.

Jim Flinchbaugh of Kalispell and Bob Christensen of Missoula were winners of the weekend drawing.

Tyler Varga is the leader in the 13-17 Category with 55 entries and Abby Hodgson of Kalispell is second with 5.

There is still no entry in the Largest Lake Trout Category. The largest lake trout has to be 36” or over and weigh at least 24 lbs. to qualify.

Mack Days continues until November 12th and entries are taken at any time. There is no entry fee. Catch one lake trout to get a ticket in the lottery style drawing. Fish one, two, or everyday-the choice is yours. Come out and join the fun on Flathead Lake. Questions and comments-406-270-3386-or check out the website at www.mackdays.com under the events tab for rules, entry, etc.