Grizzly Bear Captured Along Rocky Mountain Front, One More Sought
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: October 4, 2017

A three and a half year-old “sub-adult” male grizzly bear weighing nearly 400 pounds was captured Monday night just south of Choteau, according to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

The bear had been eating buffalo berries along the Teton River but moved to the edge of town to feed on plums and apples in the yards of residences. FWP is also trying to capture another young grizzly that has been eating apples in Choteau neighborhoods recently.

The captured bear will be relocated to the far north of Lewis and Clark National Forest along the Continental Divide.

The FWP news release said grizzly activity increases in areas populated by humans as winter approaches and the bears attempt to put on weight ahead of hibernation.

Creative Commons Image
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