To touch your kill or not….What was the question?
By angelamontana

Posted: January 1, 2018

I have always thought that if somebody is going to shoot/trap/fish, they should be prepared to clean their own animal–even if it is with the guidance of somebody else.  Many people think newbie hunters/trappers/anglers should do their own animals every time, while others believe newbies should do it at least their first time and then it’s good…at least they did it once.  Other hunters I have spoke with don’t think it is necessary for some hunters to clean their own animals and enjoy doing it themselves for other people.

With that being said (mentally), I absolutely love it when people who wouldn’t typically hunt get out there at all, and even kill something!  Just because this girl is pretty and has her makeup done doesn’t have anything to do with her shooting or hunting capabilities–I mean, she shot something–with her bow, nonetheless.  And sometimes, the idea of hunting is different than actually seeing an animal in front of you.  I know a lot of people that support hunting that realized hunting themselves is not for them..and that is okay!  However, this footage made me wonder–what are your thoughts on a newbie or a veteran hunter retrieving and cleaning their own animals?

In this particular footage, I am guessing she is still learning, and she may end up cleaning it herself, as the footage cuts off, but, in general–do you prefer just doing it yourself for somebody else, or do you think it is important to teach people how to do it themselves?  I say don’t shoot/trap/fish if you don’t plan on cleaning them yourself.  At least plan on it.

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