Outfitter Will Plead Guilty to Illegal Mountain Lion Hunts
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: February 20, 2018

An outfitter with Montana Big Game Pursuits is scheduled to plead guilty next week to federal charges related to illegal mountain lion hunts.

Ernest Jablonsky, 51, will admit to charges related to an illegal cougar hunt that took place on United States Forest Service land near Prickly Pear Creek in 2013. In exchange for the guilty plea, charges stemming from a hunt the same year near White Sulfur Springs will be dropped, the Great Falls Tribune reported.

Jablonsky is one of five men who were indicted in the case last year. They are accused of operating on federal land without the necessary permit. A Wisconsin hunter harvested a mountain lion and paid the outfitting business $1,500 for their services. He did not report using an outfitter when he notified Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks of the kill.

Creative Commons Photo