Some boat ramps on lower Yellowstone River unusable for now
By angelamontana

Posted: April 23, 2018

Due to high flows and ice jams during spring runoff on the lower Yellowstone River, a few boat ramps will be unusable for an extended period of time.

Elk Island Fishing Access Site in Richland County suffered extensive damage during ice jams this spring. Water more or less washed away the entire site, making it impossible to reach the boat ramp. Elk Island has a second boat ramp on the Wildlife Management Area that was also destroyed during ice events this spring. Boat ramps at Elk Island FAS will likely be unusable this year, according to FWP Region 7 Fishing Access Site Manager Jamie Hould.

Another site that was greatly impacted by the ice jams was Stipek Fishing Access Site near Glendive. The access road and boat ramp are currently covered with large ice chunks and debris. Once the ice melts, FWP can clear debris and inspect the ramp. Currently the ramp is unusable, however.

(via MT FWP; feature photo via Bozeman Montana)