By Montana Grant

Posted: May 17, 2018

It’s called “fishing” and “hunting”, not catching and killing. Sometimes our luck may not be enough to fill or tag our limits. Oh well!

This is the time of year when fishing can be a challenge. “Skunk” days are more common. Local ponds and lakes can be clear and productive but many of our Montana rivers are experiencing 100-year record flooding.

The good news is that Mid-June and the summer will be provided with healthy flows and plenty of fish. We just need to get through this period of “crappy catching”.

Fishing is still great! You just need to discover other ways to fill your limits. This is hard for sportsmen. We never like to admit failure. The good news is that you are still fishing!

Sportsmen never get their limits of fun, gear, days off, boats, oh and did I mention gear? We will never catch enough fish or have enough days fishing. Just accept the fact that every day is one less day in your life to fish. Now enjoy everything about the day. The sun feels great, the sound of the water relaxes you, hey look at those critters, fishing with friends and family is great… Beer, drinks, and snacks taste better when fishing. It’s all good and when the stars become exactly aligned, we catch fish too!

“Fishing was so bad that even the Liars got Skunked!”

Montana Grant

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