By Montana Grant

Posted: June 7, 2018

Many of us have been on a life long quest to find the Best Steak. We have enjoyed some wonderful restaurants over the years, but the Best Steaks seem to just come and go.

Back in the day, The Dude Restaurant in West Yellowstone offered a $9.00 Prime Rib. It came with a salad snack dish, baked tate, bread, salad, and Bread Pudding for dessert. The food and service were amazing. The prime rib was to die for. Perfectly prepared and with a crusted spice that was tasty good. The Dude was sold and renamed. It has never been the same.

In Three Forks, The Willow Creek Saloon served a fantastic Rib Eye, ribs, and prime rib. The old venue was perfect. Our family celebrated many great meals for birthdays and events. Recently it closed and was sold to new owners. I hope that they kept the recipes and quality meat.

What makes a perfect steak? It needs to be served hot and sizzling. Medium rare is perfect. Any more done is a waste of meat. Bleu cheese crumbles melted butter, au jus, onions and mushrooms, and fresh salad and bread fill the bill. The prime meat needs to be tender and tasty.

Recently I purchased a Traeger Pellet Stove. This rig uses flavored pellets to smoke and cook meats slow and perfect. Every morsel of meat that comes off the grill has been amazing. The website has great recipes for every taste and the grill does the work. This is not your Grandads charcoal or propane grill. Using pellets is cheaper and tastier to use. I even throw on the potatoes. The stove I have came from Costco. This specific stove also has a oven built in. It is perfect for baked breads or to warm other dishes.

Presentation is key. Serve your meat with a flair. Be fancy and fun. Use real plates, knives, and tools to easily cut the meat. Make a homemade salad dressing and some fresh baked bread. The steaks we grill at home could be the Best Steaks in Montana!

Ring the dinner bell!

Montana Grant

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