Grizzly Bear Moved from Columbia Falls to North Fork Drainage Near U.S.-Canadian Border
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: June 13, 2018

FWP captured a male grizzly bear northwest of Columbia Falls on June 5 and released it later that day in a remote location in the North Fork near the U.S.-Canadian border.

FWP received reports of a grizzly bear in the area north of Montana Highway 40. The bear had attempted to eat chicken feed near a residence.

FWP set three culvert traps in the area and successfully captured the bear and fitted it with a GPS radio collar for future monitoring. The bear, estimated to be 2.5 years old and weighing approximately 240 pounds, did not have any prior conflicts.

When responding to a conflict, FWP follows guidelines associated with the incident that inform an appropriate action. These factors include the potential human safety threats, the intensity of the conflict and the bear’s history of conflicts.

Northwest Montana is bear country with abundant populations of grizzlies and black bears. Bears are active in springtime and residents are asked to please secure attractants around their properties. Recreationists are urged to be “Bear Aware” and follow precautionary steps and tips to prevent conflicts.

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