By Montana Grant

Posted: June 14, 2018

In Montana, we have a unique way to talk, act, and look. Phrases, accents, and styles identify where folks are from. Since Montana is stocked with a huge diversity of folks from all around the world, our signature is even more colorful.

Here’s some phrases that Montanan’s often use.

“Watch yer top knot!” Mountain Men would seldom say good luck or farewell, instead they gave advice on tying down packs on their animals.

“Rode hard and put away wet!” This cowboy, or horse, is tired out and “spent”, like an empty cartridge. Maybe a “Bangtail” or wild mustang got the best of you.

“A lick and a promise!” A job done haphazardly or “Half-assed!”, not using a full team to do the work. They probably “piddled” about or wasted their time.

“Post your pony!” Time to pay up a debt or fee for a job completed. If you “Stirred the turd”, the deal would stink and fall apart.

“Full as a Tick!”   This Montanan is really drunk on “Rebel Soldier”, rye whiskey. They were “Paintin their nose!” to get drunk or “Tangle footed!”

“Ace in the hole!” A hideout or a hidden gun or knife. Just incase “a deal goes south” or fails like the Confederacy.

Easterners were often called “Pilgrims” and “Pimples”, while Californians were known as “Pikes”, or “Poor Whites”.

Well I have “Popped my Corn”, said what I wanted to. If I was “Airin my lungs”, there would have been some cussing.

I hope that I wasn’t just “Peeing in the Wind” and wasting your time.

Montana Grant

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