Five Tips for July Dry Fly Success on the Mo from Headhunters Fly Shop
By angelamontana

Posted: July 11, 2018

With flows in the Missouri River under 10,000 CFS (7,000CFS as of Tuesday), Headhunters Fly Shop says to put the bobber away and get out the GINK…and the Frog’s Fanny.

Here are their five tips for dry fly success on the Missouri River this July:

  1. Pick your favorite spot and go there. And fish. That is the first day back program. Go there and enjoy. Fish all of your favorite goto patterns. Hook a couple. Reminisce. Day two go find new water. New water is fun. There could be some new fun spots out there man.
  2. Explore. Change ti up. IF you fish the left side, change sides. If you fish above Wolf Creek Bridge, try below.
  3. Fish the PM bite. Way fewer anglers out there for the evening sesh. Headhunters does shuttles late. Fish the night bite after the rest go to dinner. Caddis. Yes nights are for caddis flies.
  4. Make the first cast count. Don’t be the guy who practices near the trout. It is not good for you, or the next 27 anglers. It just isn’t.
  5. Find a Dry Fly Mentor. An educator you like and trust. The best sway to get better is to fish with anglers who are damn good. Watch and learn. Your path to improvement will accelerate. Have your guide, or your buddy, or your dad, or your kid execute the dry fly program. Watching those who are good is a real treat. I take every chance I can to view perfection. Or even near perfection. Back in the day I fished with LT, Tom, and Mark a bunch. Chris from the TS was a good hand too. We were all there at the same time. Good times.  All 4 of those guys taught me a ton. I am appreciative of those lessons. Still draw from them today.

For more info, visit Headhunters Fly Shop.