By Montana Grant

Posted: July 12, 2018

“Not In My Back Yard” is the way some slobs look at our wild places. Nimbys hate when someone, anyone, leaves trash or ruins their personal space. The sad truth is that too many people leave trash and mess in everyone else’s space. Duh, I don’t get it!

“Leave only a footprint and take only a picture” was the way many kids were taught to appreciate the great outdoors. Good parenting, Scouting, mentors, and Park Rangers always taught us to leave a campsite better than you found it. We would build a courtesy fire and leave some extra firewood.  A camp inspection was the rule and we prided ourselves on making sure the next campers were left with a good example.

Personal responsibility is a learned behavior. Most slobs and litterbugs learned from their parents and friends’ examples. If they did it must be ok. Throwing trash out of the car, in other yards, or just leaving it behind. I remember watching movie goers leave their trash and popcorn cups on the floor at the theater. It never seemed right. Why should someone else have to clean up after a mess that I made?

Montana and our Earth are home to all of us. We don’t just own our back yards. All of us have an investment in our parks, public spaces, and country. We all pay for it, play in it, and need to respect it.

NIMBYS know how to clean up after themselves, they are just too lazy. Their mess is disrespectful to everyone else’s back yard but don’t put their trash in their yard.

Some citizens are just slobs. They need to change. Clean, healthy spaces are good for everyone including them. They just need more role models and mentors. We all need to police our ranks. Some lessons are hard to teach but important to learn.

It is easy to be a Nimby. You simply do not have to care about anyone or anyplace else. Being selfish takes no effort or energy. Laws exist because of this minority of thoughtless people. The rest of us pick up after them and enable this poor behavior to continue.

Respect your personal property. If you think you should make a better choice, you will always be correct. The next time you visit and find it clean, neat, and ready to enjoy, thank your neighbors.

Don’t be a NIMBY, or a Litterbug.

Montana Grant

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