By Montana Grant

Posted: July 8, 2018


Slow cooked, smoked, and grilled foods are the best. Anyone can sear, grill and cook hot dogs and burgers quickly. They taste ok, but… Nothing quickly done is a as tasty as slow cooked love.

Smoker grills like the Traeger Grill are becoming popular. They can be a bit pricy, but the results are worth the price. The other day I cooked some pork baby back ribs. After a marinate overnight, I placed them onto the Traeger for 3 Smokey hours. Then I wrapped them in foil and added the apple juice and sauce suggested by their recipe book. It was back on the grill at a higher temp for 3 more hours. Once done, I added more sauce and let them rest. Oh My, the ribs were the best I have ever made!

So far, everything off my new grill has been great! No ruined meat or sides. The flavor and taste are simply wonderful. I am now getting a reputation as a grill master.

When you first get your new smoker grill, try cooking a whole chicken. I like the beer can method. Get a beer can stand/holder and place an opened beer into the base. You will need to remove about a forth of the beer. No problem. Now place the chicken atop the base butt first. The chicken should be coated in olive oil and chicken spice. 90 minutes on the grill and life is good.

Wild game is amazing on the slow smoker grill. Doves, huns, pheasants, and roasts are awesome. Use a marinate first to add moisture. Then slow and low. These grills take some planning and preparation, but everything just tastes better.

Become a grill master

Montana Grant

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