By Montana Grant

Posted: September 2, 2018

Facebook connects outdoor sportsmen and women. It is so exciting to have such a bountiful connection of friends that share our interests. These become good friends that we have never met. This is the part about Facebook that invites many of us to participate.

We all connect daily with sporting friends we have never met! We share fish pictures, hunting stories, and personal pictures, thoughts, advice, and ideas. Our pool of friends is international. Some require the dialogue to be translated.

The Brother and Sisterhood of sportsmen is a wonderful way to bridge the rivers, mountains, and excitement of our sports. We are a family of folks that enjoy doing the same thing around the world. We don’t talk politics, or religion, or negativity. We talk fishing, hunting, and family.

Pictures speak a thousand words about the enjoyment of our experiences. We network guides, destinations, tips, and tricks. No stress, anger, hate, or bullying…just fun.

We are currently planning a trip to Czech Republic to connect with family we have never met. I saw on one of my friends Facebook pages, trout fishing pictures from that part of the world. As we make plans, I am hoping to hook up for some great trout fishing in an area I have never seen. Other Facebook friends connect with me to learn where to fish in Montana.

One of my Facebook friends simply loves fishing. Her cute posts show her family and friends and every fish she catches. In her pictures, she always has perfect makeup on. She was married in a lake wearing chest waders. Her honest and sincere love of fishing is shared by so many.

As an Outdoor writer, I frequently connect with other writers, post friends’ pictures and stories, and review products. These stories can then be shared with so many other friends. Posting pictures and stories on so many Groups and websites is also fun. Technology has brought our sporting world a little closer.

When we have a birthday, best wishes arrive from all over the world. Not because we must, or because of an obligation, but because of friendship. We spend each year sharing our outdoor adventures are simply happy that we are all still around for another year.

As we age, it becomes harder to find new fishing and hunting friends. The schools and herds of potential friends declines with time. Facebook helps us communicate so we can stay in touch with our fellow sports.

Sadly, many older sportsmen are not techy enough to use Facebook. Take some time to hook them up so they can enjoy what we all celebrate and love. Once they get on board, they can add to our sharing and fun.

Thank you to all my Facebook Outdoor Family and friends.

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, hook up with him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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