Missouri River Fishing Report by Headhunters Fly Shop 9.17.18
By angelamontana

Posted: September 18, 2018

Cooling air temps and water temps have slowed that un-real top water blind fishing bite. Stopped it? No. But certainly not as red hot as it has been.

Replacing the morning Trico’s are the Pseudos on the lower reaches. They are moving up river as the days pass.

Trico’s are still hatching daily, albeit in smaller numbers, and the spinner fall provides good action later in the morning period. Really good in the right spots.

The ant and hopper action is just OK. Lots tossing it out there and getting some results. Not a terrific bite. But you gotta throw it to know it! Big Adams or Purple Haze still in the game too. But the trout are getting wiser. A true spinner form the Callibaetis family seems to get more interested. A spinner will bring them to the surface as well.

For the nymphing gang the standard issue flies are in the mix. Scuds, sows, worms, Czech’s, Frenchie’s, larger PT and GRHE’s along with October Caddis Pupa’s are ending up in fly cups. The lower end is some derivation of the Little Green Machine. Zebra’s, Little Black Mo, S & M, and any bug within that franchise will get the fish interested.

The entire river is fishing well with more traffic on the lower reaches this past couple weeks. That will increase as the sun gets lower in the sky.

Headhunters is rolling right along with you this Autumn period. We have guides available. We are your first stop for river lodging with more options than you can shake a fly rod at. Our fly selection is burgeoning  as Ninch keeps you in touch with all of the hot flies. Remember that we do not run out of the goods. No way man. We want you to have the best in selection.

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Have a great week folks. And as always we appreciate you support here in downtown Craig Montana.

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