By Montana Grant

Posted: January 3, 2019

Almost on my shoulder! Winter is not my favorite season. If you are not a skier or snowmobiler, winter is just cold. Ice fishing helps many of us get through the darkness and cold short days of winter.

Sunshine is what we miss the most. The short days of sun dim our spirits and sap our energy. Vitamin D is at an all time low and we miss the feel of a warm sun on our faces.

Today, we will feel the sun for 8 hours and 47 minutes! The rest of today will be cold, dark, and did I say COLD? Fortunately, every day sees more sunshine.

Feb. 1       6 hours and 45 minutes

Mar. 1     11 hours and 9 minutes

April 1      12 hours and 49 minutes

June 1      15 hours and 29 minutes

July 1        15 hours and 49 minutes

Daylight Savings Time will allow us to “Spring Forward” in 66 days! Sunday, March 10th will reset our wake up light and dark cycles by 1 hour.

Bring it on!

Montana Grant

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