44 Hours of Ice Fishing on Fort Peck was a Success!
By angelamontana

Posted: March 4, 2019

With -22 degrees Saturday morning and with he wind chill in the -30, the first ever 44 hours of ice fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir was a success, despite the brutal weather conditions even for hearty ice anglers.  Fifty-six anglers braved the cold during the tourney that started at 6pm Friday night and concluded on Sunday afternoon.

Casey Watson caught the largest walleye that weighed in at just over 2 pounds.  Zach Dasinger caught the largest lake trout, and Don Wilkins caught the largest northern pike.

“The tourney was a success and ran very well by Mike Howe and Eddie Mindt from the Lakeridge”, according to Scott Collinsworth the new owner of Fort Peck Marina.

Zach Dasinger
Zac Jackson
Zac Jackson

Casey Watson
Sean Williams
Leon Garfield

Don Wilkins
Travis Kittleson
Seth Morrison

Great job anglers!!!

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