Lasers! (with Colonel Smoothbore)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 12, 2019

Laser sights came into our culture in 1984 when the first “Terminator” movie hit the silver screen. It was a large device mounted on an AMT Hardballer used by Arnold in the movie classic. Today, lasers are quite common, affordable, and have very little resemblance to the original movie unit.

Today’s laser sights have much longer battery life, numerous mounting systems, and are offered by many manufacturers giving firearms owners options for nearly any situation that might arise. Laser sights are useful for targets out to approximately 100 yards. They come in either red or green colors with red being the most common and least expensive. Green lasers are useful at longer distances and in brighter light; however, they use more power and are more expensive to produce.

Early on, laser sights were bulky, had short battery life, and finding a holster to accommodate a laser equipped handgun was nearly impossible. Today’s laser sights have evolved to units that mount in grips, on rails, and even in the guide rods of semi-auto pistols. They can be combined with powerful flashlights that turn the dark into daylight with the flick of a switch. Firearm, laser sight, and holster manufacturers have collaborated to offer packages that give buyers the equipment needed for concealed carry when new guns are introduced.

Laser sights are for close quarters situations, especially in low light scenarios. They give the user the ability to focus on the target in stressful situations, a common occurrence when one’s life might be on the line. Lasers are also a great training aid, specifically regarding the development of good trigger control, a skill that can only be developed with practice.

There are many manufacturers that offer a huge number of laser sight options. Surefire®, Viridian®, Laserlyte®, and Crimson Trace® are just a few of the companies that have units available for just about any application one can think of. If you have a need for a sighting system that can function in low or no light, carry a concealed firearm, or like me, you have old tired eyes, try a laser sighting system. You might be surprised at the positive results a laser will give you.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore


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