National Park Service Awards Contract for Second Phase of Sperry Chalet Construction at Glacier National Park
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 24, 2019

West Glacier, MT – The National Park Service (NPS) today announced the award of a $4.73 million dollar contract to Dick Anderson Construction of Great Falls, MT, to complete rebuilding the historic Sperry Chalet Dormitory in Glacier National Park. The chalet was badly damaged in August 2017 during the Sprague Fire, which burned thousands of acres in the park. This is the second of two phases of construction that began in 2018.

The NPS expects that work this year will begin in early July and continue through September 30, weather permitting. The Denver Service Center, the NPS’s central planning, design, and construction management office, awarded the contract for phase two and will oversee the upcoming project.

The second and final phase of the project will include masonry repairs, the permanent roof, and all other interior finishes to complete the building and ready it for visitor use. It’s anticipated that the chalet will be ready for public overnight stays in 2020.

The first phase of the project, completed in 2018, also by Dick Anderson Construction, included building stabilization, interior seismic walls, and temporary roofing. That award was for $4.08 million.

Rebuilding of the Sperry Chalet on its original site was made possible because of the quick response and financial support of the Glacier National Park Conservancy in the amount of $396,148 to date. Immediately after the fire, the Conservancy raised significant funds for a “Phase Zero” emergency stabilization and preservation of the chalet’s stone masonry walls before winter set in. The Conservancy then provided subsequent philanthropic funding for Phase 1 construction and monitoring overflights to check on the status of the half-completed chalet as it weathered the winter. The Conservancy will contribute an additional $236,400 towards Phase 2.

“I am incredibly pleased to announce the second and final phase of the Sperry Chalet rebuilding project,” said Park Superintendent Jeff Mow. “We look forward to working with Dick Anderson again. They provided exceptional service to the National Park Service and the public last year.”

“We stand at the threshold of an historic accomplishment,” said Doug Mitchell, Glacier National Park Conservancy Executive Director. “This remarkable achievement shows the power of a public private partnership where all of us are pulling together to write the next chapter of Sperry Chalet and Glacier National Park history.”

Belton Chalets, Inc. will operate the Sperry Chalet Dining Room again this summer, serving work crews and the public. Lunch and a la carte services will be available 11 am – 5 pm. Breakfast and dinner will be available to the public via reservation with Belton Chalets, Inc. by calling (888) 345-2649. Park concessioner Swan Mountain Outfitters will offer horseback rides to the Sperry area on weekends.

The NPS is rebuilding the Sperry Chalet Dormitory at its original site within the original stone masonry walls. The design rehabilitates the chalet dormitory reflecting its period of significance (1914-1949). The visitor experience will be very similar to what it has been for decades by using as much of the remaining historic fabric, and replicating historic finishes where practicable. For more information, please visit the Sperry Chalet planning webpage.

About the Denver Service Center: The Denver Service Center is located in Lakewood, Colorado, and collaborates with national parks and NPS regional staff on large-scale planning, design, and construction services.