By Montana Grant

Posted: August 3, 2019

Who doesn’t want to catch a fish as big as you? Alaska is a destination where you can do this. I recently took a trip to SE Alaska to check off this task from my Bucket List. Fish in Alaska waters are big, rough, and tough. Don’t go there unless you are up for tackling the task.

Green Rocks Lodge was our destination. A fishing buddy had been there many times before. We scheduled our trip and hooked up in Seattle from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Montana. Fishing has a way of bringing friends together.

Green Rocks is a Blue-Collar Fisherman’s lodge. You will not have candlelight dinners, hot tubs, guided trips, and fancy digs. The lodge serves family style meals, camp comfortable rooms, and battle tested boats, tackle, and gear. Showers were hot, beds were comfortable, and meals filled the spot.

Getting there require a few jets stops and airports. Taking Spartan gear and clothing will serve you just fine. The goal is to Eat, Sleep, and Fish! Everyone else will look and smell the same. Raingear, muck boots, and limited wardrobes are the rule.

The fish we were after were BIG HALIBUTTS!!! Our dreams came true. Big Butts fight hard, taste great, and require teamwork to get into the boat. Getting a hundred plus lb. Butt into the boat requires a skilled harpooner, gaffer, and some luck. The great battle begins when the fish sees the boat. Large Halibut can injure and damage fishermen and boats.

Fishing wild Alaska waters is dangerous. That’s why so many Big Fish live there. Along with the Halibuts, you can catch Salmon, Rockfish, and other tasty delights. Crabs and shrimp are also in abundance. There is no limit on the scenery and wildlife that you will encounter. Otters, eagles, waterfowl, whales, porpoises, and much more will greet you. Rain and heavy storms are common. Strong rip tides can also make things rough. Sharp gaffs, harpoons, knives, deep waters, and adventures must be considered.

Alaska can be the Deadliest Catch in an instance. On our trip, one experienced crew ran aground and destroyed the lower unit of the outboard motor. They also lost the anchor, a crab pot, and a shrimp pot. These add ons became the responsibility and expense of the users. A satellite phone allowed them to contact the lodge and get rescued. No one was injured. My buddy said that “It was nothing a credit card and a cold beer would/t fix!”

We came home from Alaska with a couple boxes of frozen vacuum sealed filets. Alaska Air made sure that there were no screwups and our trip ended sadly but wonderfully. I will add some more stories to this series in the coming weeks.

If you have a dream to Eat, Sleep, and Fish, travel to Alaska for a BIG Reward!

Montana Grant

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