King Salmon Catch Continues on Fort Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: August 23, 2019

Evelyn Fillon, her husband, Arlyn Lemer from Lolo, and Ben Galt, from White Sulpher Springs, joined Bill Zahradka “The Salmon Slayer” and the Captain for a couple of days of chinook salmon fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir.

The bite wasn’t fast and furious, but it was typical for a long time fishing without bites.  All the bites on Monday and Tuesday came on small eight-inch flashers followed by a Brad’s Cut Bait. Blue Magic seemed to be the most popular color.

Fish were caught on the face of the dam and on the west end out from the marina. They had their junk down around 75 feet in water depths that varied from 90 to 160 feet.