By Montana Grant

Posted: August 1, 2019


A fed bear is a dead bear! How many times do we need to say this? Yellowstone Park officials are hunting down more bears that have become too friendly. When will tourists figure out that wild bears and other critters need to stay WILD?

Once bears lose their fear of people, they become more dangerous. Two black bears were euthanized recently after they acquired a taste for human food. Once the bears get used to human food, they scavenge it wherever they can. If you have food in the tent, car, camper, or trash, they will find it. Damage to property comes with the problem.

One bear near Indian Creek Campground damaged tents and cars while shopping for food. Another bear near Little Cottonwood Creek bit a camper in a tent. The bear bruised the camper’s thigh but did not break the skin. Another bear was killed along the Lamar River Trail at a backcountry campsite. The black bear ate 10 lbs. of food and would not leave.

“Relocations of bears doesn’t happen much anymore”, a park official said. “These bears will cause problems wherever they go.”

Bears pay the price for human carelessness. Feeding wild critters is a death sentence. PLEASE do not feed the bears! Remember to maintain a Bear Proof camp. Keep food hung in a tree or in a secure storage area. Dispose of waste properly. Stay 100 yards away from all wild critters. It is ok to love our wildlife but don’t love it too death.

Take a picture and leave only a footprint!

Montana Grant

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