SO SAD !!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: August 1, 2019

Magnum, our 10-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer has just been diagnosed with nasal cancer. The aggressive tumor is untreatable according to two vets. He is perfect in every other way. Fast, healthy, strong but…

Two months ago, our vet took an x-ray of his nose. No mass, no nothing. Just symptoms of blocked breathing, snorting, and dry nose. We tried antibiotics twice and things improved. No lump, no nothing. A few weeks after the antibiotic regimen, symptoms returned.

Recently, a bump on the base of his right nostril began. No pain or trouble. We were on our 3rd round of antibiotics. There was some swelling after the x-ray which we attributed to the vet probing the area. With the meds, it disappeared. The bump now was getting bigger. Mag went to a specialist and they took a CT scan, then a biopsy. “Aggressive, untreatable, and no timetable!” There is no evidence of cancer anywhere else in his body. Other than the bump pressing on his nasal bone, there is no other health issue. After a CT scan, biopsy and  $2000 bill, we were hoping for some hope. “This is very common in dogs from 9-12 years old.” Not what you want to hear, that’s for sure.

Mag has never cost us a dime. Perfect pup and perfect health. The best hunter I have known and a fur baby family member. You could not ask for a better dog. We have always hunted, exercised, and celebrate life. I know dogs have shorter lives than humans, but we were hoping for a few more years. Pheasants, huns, and grouse will be relieved with his passing.

We are trying CBD oils. There is little data on their use and effects. Hope is all we have. At least we can have that. The vets are not optimistic. Perhaps some of my readers have some ideas, thoughts, or advice.

I am not sure if it is better to know ahead of time or just have a dog die. This is not my first dog and the loss of all our pets cuts deep. We will love Magnum until the end. Life will not be the same after he crosses the rainbow bridge.

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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