Mule Deer is Suspect for CWD in Hunting District 400
By angelamontana

Posted: November 15, 2019

A mule deer buck harvested in the Moffat Bridge Chronic Wasting Disease Special Hunt Area north of Great Falls has tested positive for the disease. A follow-up test will be conducted to confirm the presence of the disease.

The deer was taken on private land the first week of November. The Moffat Bridge CWD Special Hunt Area is in hunting district 400.

Samples from the animal were collected by FWP at the Moffat Bridge collection station and testing was performed by Colorado State University. The hunter has been notified.

Because the mule deer was taken within the current CWD management zone no changes to regulations will ensue. In FWP Region 4, transportation restrictions apply to any deer, elk or moose harvested in HDs 400 and 401.

Specifics can be found on FWP’s website – – or in the printed hunting regulations.

Chronic Wasting Disease is an always-fatal neurological disease that can infect deer, elk and moose. It spreads primarily through contact between animals. CWD never has been documented to spread to humans. But the Centers for Disease Control recommends that meat from an animal that tests positive for CWD should not be eaten. And any animal harvested in a CWD management zone should be tested for the disease.

During the current hunting season, hunters may take specific tissue samples from their harvested animal and submit them to FWP for free. Instructions and forms are on the FWP website. Or a person may bring their animal or the head to an FWP regional headquarters during normal business hours.

This fall, FWP is actively looking for CWD in southeastern Montana as well as around sites where it has been found in the past. FWP has numerous programs and special management hunts in place to try to slow the spread of CWD in Montana.

More information on all facets of CWD are on the FWP website.


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