By Montana Grant

Posted: January 2, 2020

We all have huge holes in our lives. That lost monster fish, a big buck, that first love, or that thing in our lives that made us feel special. There are fishing holes, hidey holes, holes we get stuck in, and holes that simply get in the way.

We never get over holes, but we get through them! Sh-t happens and hopefully our parents gave us the training to deal with it. Sometimes 4 WD helps and stronger paddling does not hurt.

Life is about risks. If you never any, you will never feel pain, failure, or loss. The problem with love is that it feels so good but hurts so bad! Just like the song says. Our choices reflect our hearts. We do this, or did that, and this is what it got me. Not every choice was good or bad, but it was our personal choice.

Losing a Big fish or Big Buck is easy! It happens to everyone. Falling on a ski run, swamping a canoe, stumbling up or down a mountain is a risk we take. If you were never in the river, on the mountain, or in the game, it would be safer but… So, don’t pull the trigger, or make the cast, or open your heart. The opportunities are simply guaranteed and sad.

The beauty of holes is that there are no sides. There are only continuous edges of opportunities. There is no North or South, and there is always another opportunity in the cycle of life. Big holes are opportunities to learn. Humans don’t learn from successes, just Big Fat Mistakes!

Pull the trigger, set the hook, take the next step, and shoot the rapids. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Montana grant

For more Montana Grant, find him opening holes at www.montanagrantfishing.com.