Man fined for attempting to fight grizzly bear at Banff National Park
By angelamontana

Posted: February 10, 2020

According to an article on, a Saskatchewan man was fined last year $4,000 for attempting to fight a grizzly bear while visiting Banff National Park in 2015.

photo credit: M O’Neil

A shirtless Devin Mitsuing was caught on camera exiting his truck and approaching a young grizzly bear, shouting at it, throwing objects at it, and assuming an aggressive “boxing stance.” The video showed him charge at the bear. The bear’s reaction to the man’s aggression was clearly fear, which makes the situation that much worse.

The attempted fight was caught on camera by two photographers who had been taking photos of the bear. Mitsuing was later found and charged with disturbing wildlife in a national park.

After four years, and two missed court dates, the trial concluded on September 13th with Canmore Provincial Courthouse Judge George Gaschler finding Mitsuing guilty and rendering a $4,000 fine.

“It is abundantly clear this is a disturbance of a grizzly bear and I find [Mr. Mitsuing] guilty,” said Judge Gaschler.

According to the article, the two photographers who filmed the encounter testified that “Mitsuing yelled at and threw rocks at the bear before charging at it”.

Mitsuing was given until October 16, 2019 to pay the fine, or he would have to face 33 days in jail.

(photo and info also via Snowbrains)