On Edge!!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 11, 2020

If you own a knife, it needs to be sharp! A dull knife is worthless. A fractured rock edge is sharper than a dull knife. Now is a great time to put a sharp edge on all your knives.

We have all been to an Outdoor Show where some guy is showing how to sharpen knives with their new super sharpener tool. They ask for your pocketknife and stroke it a few times on their gizmo and Walla, your knife is sharp. Filet knives take much more love to address.

Let’s start at the beginning. All knives are not created equal. The key to a good knife is the metal. If the metal is too hard, it is hard to keep an edge, if it is too soft, it dulls quickly. Most folks carry Cheapo, soft metal knives. They sharpen quick but dull faster.

All knives are not sharpened the same way. Most knives like a 30 -degree angle. The edge angle is critical. In many cases, a knife gets dull because the sharp edge gets bent over. Sharpening sticks will quickly fold that edge back to a sharp position. If you don’t believe me, use a magnifier to examine the edge.  

Every year that I went to deer camp, I took every knife that I owned. One of y buddies, Brian, was a master at sharpening knives. My Dad was also gifted at staying on edge. Some folks have the gift. I swear they can feel the metal and make it do what they want. Practice makes perfect!

Years ago, I bought a handheld sharpener that had 2 steel sharpening rods embedded into it. It is called the “Edgemaker”. This orange tool has become my go to sharpener. I carry it hunting and fishing to freshen the edge as I filet or quarter. It cost less than $20 and has kept my knifes on edge!

Once a knife is sharp, it is easier to maintain the edge. Using steels, ceramics, and metal rods, will help to keep the edge tuned. Condition yourself to sharpen and refresh your blades often!

A sharp knife cuts best!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him staying sharp at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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