By Montana Grant

Posted: June 20, 2020

So, you went out and bought your first camper. In the past you tented or stayed in other folks’ rigs. You enjoy the outdoors and appreciate some comfort when afield. Your first camper is usually a small, manageable one.

Too many folks start too big. One thing about campers is that a used rig will sell quickly. There is always someone wanting to start off. A huge fifth wheel, long trailer, or a monster Toy Hauler is something to gradually work up too.

Starting too big can be expensive and dangerous. The myriad of systems on a camper all require care and maintenance. They also seem to always need repair, care, or attention. The larger the rig, the more things that can break.

Become a student of your rig. Get some training and a Camping Mentor to show you the ropes. That warm refrigerator, cold hot water heater, or dark lighting are often something simple. A fuse, reset switch, cobweb, or an easy trouble shooting issue. You will learn from experience. You tube videos are most helpful. If you need a repair, use a decent and reliable vendor. For a new rig, an experienced vendor is a must. They will help train you and support your needs.

The biggest mistake that you can make when getting a new camper is to not use it. Many folks buy a rig, have some challenges, and become overwhelmed. Their camper ends up sitting in the yard or shed. For campers that only need a rig a few times each year, maybe consider renting an RV.

Camping is supposed to be about roughing it. The idea of rough varies. For some a plasma tv, generator, and Wi-Fi satellite connections are critical. Without cellphone signals and recharging, the end of the world will soon follow. For others, the camper needs t be dry, cozy, and quiet. Being outdoors, enjoying a campfire and the company of friends is a great way to celebrate vacation.

Camp out, not in!

Montana Grant

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