What boat owners should know about AIS
By angelamontana

Posted: June 4, 2020

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are non-native plants, animals or pathogens that can invade new waterbodies by hitching a ride on watercraft and gear. AIS can include mussels, snails, fish, plant fragments or larva that can only be viewed under a microscope.

Both motorized and non-motorized boat owners can help stop the spread of AIS by following the principles of clean, drain, dry.

  • Clean all mud and debris from the watercraft, trailer, waders and fishing equipment.
  • Pull drain plugs and make sure all compartments, bilges and ballasts are drained.
  • Dry out watercraft, including live-wells, storage areas and hatches.

Additional factors boat owners should be aware of:

  • Used watercraft purchased from out of state can pose a greater danger of harboring AIS.
  • Commercially hauled watercraft pose a higher risk as larger watercraft are often moored for extended periods of time.
  • Boats with ballast tanks or bladders can suck plants or animals into tanks and intake grates.
  • Fishing boats with live-wells or bait wells must be drained to prevent moving surface water where microscopic AIS could be found.
  • Nonresidents bringing boats to Montana must have their boats inspected before launching. They must also purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass online here.

To learn more, go to CleanDrainDryMT.com or call the FWP Aquatic Invasive Species Bureau at 406-444-2440.


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