By Montana Grant

Posted: February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! Meat is the best way for Montanan’s to say I Love You! Montana, and many other states are loaded with hunters. Celebrating this special day using harvested meat is a great way to renew our caring for others.

We love to hunt, we love our Family and Friends, and we love our meat! Whether you use a great roast from a harvested Moose, deer, or Elk, prime meat cannot be beat! Farmers and ranchers understand how hard it is to raise prime meat. A great Rib Eye, Prime Rib, or Tenderloin says just how much you care!

Even our local grocers understand Prime Meat and Valentine’s Day. Our local Town and Country displayed their perfectly cut Ribeye’s. These thick and delicious steaks were matched pairs and when folded, formed a heart! How special!

For my Valentines Dinner, we will be having gilled, smoked Ribeye’s on the Traeger Grill. Who cares if it is 126 degrees? This is how real Montanan’s roll.

Next week we will finally warm up into positive, single digits, but the prime meat will be hot on Valentine’s Day!

Montana Grant

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