Hyalite Road Closing to Motorized Use April 1 for Spring Breakup
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: March 30, 2021

Bozeman, MT (March 30, 2021) — Annually Hyalite Canyon Recreation Corridor closes for spring break-up, starting April 1 through May 15, reopening on May 16th.  Hyalite is one of the most popular recreation destinations in Montana and receives an overwhelming amount of traffic.  During the spring melt and thaw the subgrade becomes saturated and is unable to support the repeated motorized traffic, which can increase surface cracking and potholes.  The transition from winter to spring is a great opportunity to enjoy Hyalite in a non-motorized way, including walking, running and biking.

The Upper Hyalite Road Construction project will continue this summer with the goal of completion by September of 2021.  During the summer construction season the road above the dam is projected to remain open, but with frequent delays expected throughout the summer season. Traffic lights and delays, of up to 20 minutes, are expected to be reoccurring throughout the summer.  Increased construction traffic is also expected throughout the summer season.  Please plan recreation activities accordingly and be aware of truck traffic on the road.

Also, this spring construction activities will be occurring near the retaining wall located approximately one-half mile above the Hyalite Orientation Site (and lower gate).  Recreationalists, both during the gate closure and after the gate opens, should expect lane closures and occasional delays in this area.

“The continuing road improvement projects will improve public and user safety in Hyalite, enhance recreational facilities and improve water quality.  Please expect impacts to both non-motorized recreation on the Hyalite Road during the spring road closure and during the summer season,” said Corey Lewellen, Bozeman District Ranger.