By Montana Grant

Posted: May 27, 2021

The other day the snow was really flying here in Bozeman. You could hardly see 100 yards. The wet, heavy, snow was really coming down. Despite the weather, I saw 3 drift boats. Guides and clients, heading out! The snow lasted all day, and I am sure it was cold, nasty, and bitter on the river.

If you want to fish at less crowded times, snow is a good one. Years ago, I was fishing in Yellowstone Park. The Buffalo Ford, as it was then known, was full of fish. The parking lot was almost full. Suddenly a snowstorm started, and everyone went home, except me and my partner.

Despite the snow, the caddis hatch was pouring off and the fish were rising. Frank and I were the only rods on the river and Cutties were going wild. We both caught so many Big Trout that we had to finally quit. Our nets, rods, and arms were worn out.

Despite the snow, the water temp never changed. Heck, a fish must eat, and they are already wet. Whatever the barometric pressure did just made the fishing better. The snow kept dumping even as Frank and I drank a beer in the truck. The fish kept rising, and we were the only one’s there!

I bet the 3, boat crews, had a good day!

Montana Grant