By Montana Grant

Posted: June 6, 2021

Montana is certainly known as the Treasure state and Big Sky Country. We are also know as the Big Tree State.

The tallest tree in the United States is the “Hyperion” in Northern California’s Redwood Park This 700–800-year-old tree is 380.3 foot tall. That is a Big Tree!

Montana has several Big Trees as well. Big Sky Country is home to 27 State Champions and 2 National Champions.

“Gus” is a national champ found near Seeley Lake. This giant Larch in the world at 163 feet tall. A giant Ponderosa pine in our state is 195 foot tall. Trees that are this old, unique, and size are true treasures.

There is also a 203-foot-tall Engelmann Spruce in Sanders County. Most of the largest trees are in the western part of the state. To be a Treasure State Champion, trees need a large circumference, crown, and height. This means age, water, and protected, favorable conditions must be in play. Insects, forest fires, development, lightening, and other dangers make being a Champion Tree a challenge.

You can check out Montana’s Champion Trees by searching “Montana’s Big Tree Registry Program”. This agency maintains records and locations of the Biggest of Montana s trees. You can also nominate a tree using this website. They do not just consider height when measuring Champion trees. Each tree dimension is awarded points for their size. The circumference, height, crown size, and age are also factors. When the points are added up, the tree can become a champion for the species.

Keep in mind that Montana is home to native, wild, non-native, and urban species. All these categories have their champions. If you plan to enter a tree, include the GPS coordinates with the application.

Enjoy our Montana Roots!

Montana Grant