By Montana Grant

Posted: July 4, 2021

Nothing tastes better than a cool, clean, drink of Water! There is nothing worse than being thirsty and have no water to drink.

After arrowing a Bull Elk, on a HOT September day, my Buddy, Triple D and I were hauling out the sacks of meat. It did not take long to run out of water. We were shuttling seven, 100-pound bags. One of the stops was at a small clear creek. The meat was cool, and the water was too.

I pulled out my filtering drinking straw and we both watered up. The filter straw eliminated 99% of the cooties and nasties that may have been in the creek. It is good enough to drink out of a Muddy Puddle that Peppa Pig and her friends just jumped in. That water tasted so good! WE still had over 2 miles to go but a couple cold beers were waiting for us in the truck.

Humans would be observed by Aliens as Bags of Water. Most of our body is made up of fluids. When the body is cremated, extraordinarily little solid matter remains. The average human needs to take in at least 2-3 liters of water a day. We also discharge fluids through sweat and waste. Without replenishing our water supply, we die.

When we hunt, fish, and exercise, water becomes an even bigger concern. Once we have had a heat stroke, or dehydration event, it becomes easier for this issue to reoccur.

Plan to take plenty of fluids when you stress your body. If you cannot carry enough water, plan on being able to filter or purify what you will need. Storing caches of water can also be like remote filling stations.

There can be many health problems with drinking untreated water. Bacteria, parasites, germs, viruses, and a host of terrible cooties can make you sick in a hurry. Do your homework and learn how to make primitive stills and filter systems. Once you have a source of liquid, learn what berries and plants you can add to make healthy a tea or broth.

In emergency scenarios, you can get water from other unique sources like tree sap, grasses, and other food sources. There are a wide array of different tools, gear, and equipment that can help you hydrate. Bob Wards has a great selection of straws, pumps, bladders, and experienced staff that can help make a smart choice.

Making a xylem straw from a wood branch can serve as a quick and efficient straw for drinking untreated water. You can also create a branch drip, allowing gravity to fill a container. Portable UV, (ultraviolet) lights can also work well. Charcoal, from a fire pit can also make a decent filter.

If your life depends on hydration, drink what you have and deal with any side effects after you have been rescued.

Look at water survival tips for the areas you plan to visit.

Montana Grant

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