MTSFW shows support with donations
By angelamontana

Posted: July 2, 2021

Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (MTSFW) is a Montana-based non-profit organization with the following mission:

To preserve, protect and enhance Montana’s hunting, fishing and trapping rights while protecting Montana’s rural heritage.

Not only does MTSFW fight to protect the rights and heritage of Montana sportsmen and ranchers, but it also generously supports other organizations.  One organization, the Foundation for Wildlife Management (F4WM), has a mission that aligns with MTSFW’s mission.  F4WM’s mission is “to promote ungulate population recovery in areas negatively impacted by wolves, assist State Game management agencies in meeting their wolf management objectives, promote youth in the outdoors, and to educate the general public on the negative impact the successful reintroduction of wolves has had on our ungulate populations.”  The Sanders county chapter of F4WM has its first banquet in Plains, Montana scheduled for July 24.  The group was a recipient of a generous donation from MTSFW after starting the Montana-based chapter.  As a matter of fact, you will definitely want to put this F4WM event on your calendar and consider a sponsorship, as there are some incredible items up for auction, some awesome raffles, exciting entertainment, fun for the whole family and a great group of people are on the board, including MTSFW Director, Dan Helterline.  You can purchase tickets and get more information online here.

In addition to donating to the Sanders County chapter of F4WM, MTSFW also recently donated to the Hellgate Juniors Shooting Club.  MTSFW member, Kristy Russell did a post of appreciation on social media for the donation that was made.  Her son, Luke, is part of the shooting club along with his friend, Marcus Klemp.  Lifetime MTSFW member, Denny Klemp and his wife, Leah, whom is also a MTSFW member, are the parents of Marcus and are also a part of what makes MTSFW successful.  Membership is vital to sportsmen organizations, and MTSFW has a fantastic membership base and is hoping to double it.  You can help them achieve this goal by becoming a member online at

Here is the post by Kristy:

The Hellgate Juniors Shooting Club is sending a team to compete at Junior Nationals in Camp Perry, Ohio in a few weeks. The youngsters have been practicing hard and are excited to represent Montana. They recently received a generous donation from the Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife to help with travel expenses. If you are unfamiliar with this amazing organization, please check them out! Thank you for supporting the Hellgate Juniors Shooters!

We are fortunate to have solid sportsmen organizations in our state, and every ounce of support given does make a difference.  Keep up the great work!