Fun Facts about Walleye
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2021

If you get after walleye, how much do you actually know about them?

Here are some fun facts about these interesting fish from True Blue Fishing Charters out of Buffalo, New York:

Did you know walleye are named for their eyes? They have a reflective film of pigment covering their eyes. This adaptation helps them see in murky waters.

Family Roots

Walleye are the biggest members of the perch family. They’re common freshwater game fish. Typically, you’ll catch them when they’re 10 to 18 inches long weighing between one and three pounds. Color-wise, they’re olive and gold with their color fading to white on their underside. You’re likely going to notice large dark spots on their back and smaller dark spots on their fins. And in their mouth? Walleye have razor-sharp teeth!

Where they Gravitate To

On clear days, walleye tend to be in deep waters– they are sensitive to light, after all. Toward nighttime, walleye will come closer to shore. In general, you’re likely to find them in depths of 15 to 30 feet. They prefer cold water over warm water and are most active on windy, overcast days. Western New York has lots of windy, overcast days.


The lifespan of a walleye is about 10 years. One of the oldest ever found was estimated to be about 29-years-old. If and when they have babies, neither the mother or father care for them– they’re on their own from birth.

Baby walleye are called “fries.”


If you’re thinking of eating walleye, know this: they taste delicious. They make for finely textured meat. They taste so go

(photo of Trevor Johnson | Kit Tackle Outfitters)