Snow Report for Mullan, Idaho
By angelamontana

Posted: December 27, 2021

Attention, snowmobilers! If you’re looking for a snow report for Mullan, Idaho, we have you covered!

As of Sunday, December 26th, the snow on top of the mountain was still coming down. There still isn’t much of a base to it,…think flour.  We were in snow from about three to six feet deep, depending on where you rode. Only two people got stuck, so that was good. Thank goodness for other snowmobilers, because we would still be stuck. Lol.

The trail was groomed on Wednesday, but it is super rough now. Going downhill is way easier than going uphill, for me, because it takes less energy to skip the whoopties. Lol. With the size and of the snowflakes falling, we think it will be a fun, snowy ride tomorrow. It was more rough headed to the warming hut at the top of the power lines on the Montana side, where we accidentally ended up, but it wasn’t completely unbearable.

Take note that a big tree fell across the road that we took to the Montana warming hut (coming from the Mullan side), but we sawed the branches enough to make it through. There are a handful of narrow spots, from Mullan to that particular warming hut, too, but nothing crazy.

Be safe out there, check your avalanche beacon batteries, charge your radios, wear your gear, oil your sleds and fuel up. The season has just started!

**Shoutout to all the groomers out there and to all of the volunteers that keep our snowmobile trails rocking! We appreciate you! And another shoutout to snowmobilers in general. Great group of people and thank you for helping others.