By Montana Grant

Posted: February 26, 2022

Ice fishing has been around for thousands of years. Subsistence fishing can be enjoyable and essential for our survival.

Icemen love their time on the ice. Holding and jigging their short poles offers solitude and satisfaction. The hard water offers a unique and rewarding fishing experience.

When the water gets hard, Icemen get on it! Recently, a mayor, in an Ohio town, made an argument against allowing Ice Shanties on the ice. In Hudson, Ohio, Mayor Schubert, and the city council debated allowing shanties in the Hudson Springs Park this Winter. If they allowed ice fishing and shanties once, then Icemen would only bring more shanties onto the ice.

“If we allow ice shanties onto the lakes, ice fishing will directly lead to Prostitution.”

The mayor is obviously not an iceman. Icemen are already using short rods. Freezing temperatures do nothing to enhance an Iceman’s sexual prowess.

Maybe the mayor has had different experiences than most Icemen. I have never heard even a whimper about sex on ice stories. If anything, a great day of catching fish may have been referred to as an orgasmic day of fishing.

Putting up ice shanties makes you drop your panties? Taking a whiz on the ice is a huge challenge. Icemen wear so many layers of clothes, it’s hard to take care of business.

Jigging your pole has become a new challenge in Ohio.

Montana Grant

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