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Four Tips for Late Winter Coyote Calling and Taking

If you’re looking for some tips to get after

Coyote pups learning to run in headlights

If you ever wanted to see what coyote puppies look

Two Wolves and a Coyote in Action [VIDEO]

You just never know what you’ll come across

One way to hunt coyotes…

As coyote hunters, there’s nothing better th

Bobcat attacks coyote [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a bobcat attack a coyote?  Thi

Coyote Fishing at YNP [VIDEO]

Hey, coyotes like fishing, too!  Here’s coo

Coyote and Badger–BFFs? [VIDEO]

Here’s another clip of something you donR


A 43 0ld woman was cross country skiing in Yellows

Dan Helterline is Slaying the Yotes…..again!

Way to go, Dan Helterline of Plains!  He has star

Coyote Survives after being stuck in Car Grill [VIDEO]

Wowza.  This isn’t the first time we’

10 “Curious Coyote Facts” You May Not Have Known

Have you heard any of these “curious coyote

If a coyote wants apples…it will get apples [VIDEO]

This is something you don’t see everydayR

Trailcam Footage: Coyote vs. Deer

Coyotes, very much like wolves, can be ruthless. 

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Unusual Coyote

The Idaho Trappers Association posted this picture

5th Annual Matt Darko Memorial Coyote Derby Jan 19-21

Get ready for the 5th Annual Matt Darko Memorial C

Dog Days of Winter COYOTE Derby!

Rocky Mountain Supply of Dillon presents their Dog

Save a Pet–Shoot a Coyote

Here are a few images of coyotes for this October

Setting Up For Coyotes

Available habitat can make or break your coyote hu

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