Vermont Adjusts Wildlife Board Reforms Following Opposition from Hunting Community
By angelamontana

Posted: March 27, 2024

Coyote hunting with dogs and over bait in Vermont would still be banned in the revised version of Senate Bill 258

The Vermont Senate passed a revised version of Senate Bill 258, which initially sparked controversy over proposed changes to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Board. The bill, which garnered criticism from conservationists and faced a promised gubernatorial veto, now heads to the Vermont House of Representatives for further consideration. The amended version retains the transformation of the Wildlife Board into an advisory body overseeing the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s decisions on hunting, fishing, and trapping. However, the requirement for equal representation among various interest groups has been replaced with a call for “balanced viewpoints.” Additionally, the scope of the board’s authority has been narrowed to focus solely on hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations, omitting oversight of nongame species and habitat management.

Read more on this from Katie Hill via Outdoor Life here.

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