By Montana Grant

Posted: May 27, 2023


Lately I have been finding pictures of sportsmen with wings. Airplanes do help outdoorsmen find remote and unique places to hunt and fish. As our open places become more crowded, landlocked, and less remote, it’s nice to remember the good old days.

This picture shows a rigorous coyote hunt in the Dakotas. I guess they stopped shooting when they ran out of places to hang the Yotes! The photo is from the 1940’s when decent long-range rifles were available and many war veterans knew how to use them.

Coyotes certainly are predators and can damage big game populations. You can find coyotes in suburban communities and closer to home. Flying long distances is not required to find good hunting.

Coyote pelts have a variety of uses and I am sure that the plane load of coyotes was sold for that purpose. A great day of coyote hunting today may not fill the span of an airplane, but many Yote hunters still enjoy targeting these smart predators.

Maybe today’s sportsmen just need to hang their catch, or critters, on the front of their trucks or boats.

Montana Grant


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