A snake!

Ah, to be young… be unaware of the world

2022 Frenchtown Pond Kids Ice Fishing Clinic Jan. 22nd

How did you get into ice fishing?  Has it been so

Kids and Fish Video Compilation

If you’re having a case of the Mondays, this

Four year-old Snowboarder better than many adults

Just when you are proud of how far you’ve co

Young Hunter Explains Deer Hunting and ends with a song [VIDEO]

This little man is adorable while he talks deer hu

fishing and hunting

Dad and daughter fishing and hunting her whole life

Jaden McGinnis has been fishing and hunting since

Tips for Fishing with Kids from a Kid! [VIDEO]

Here’s a tip for fishing with kids from a ki

Dad, I have some questions…. [VIDEO]

How are you going to know if you don’t ask?

10 Tips for Boating with Kids [VIDEO]

With temperatures predicted for the 80s for at lea

The Roots of Trapping are Different than the Roots of Trappers

Trapping has it’s roots and so do tappers. D

Ice Fishing in Montana [VIDEO]

Manual auger or power auger….whichever way y

6th Annual Ice Fishing Clinic @ Frenchtown Pond!

The sixth-annual kids ice fishing clinic is coming

Kid’s Ice Fishing Clinic at Frenchtown Pond!

There has never been a better time to get the youn

Wild Animal Costume Party for the Kids!

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is celebrating

Back Country Fishing With Kids [PICS]

As the back country fishing season rolls around an

Kids Pheasant, Waterfowl Weekend Set for September

Montana’s young hunters are the focus of a speci

Kids Adventure Games at Big Sky Resort This Weekend!

The Kids Adventure Games are for kids ages 6-14, w

10 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Kids Before School Starts

As a kid summer NEVER lasted long enough. For pare

“What Kids Teach Us About…” by Montana Grant

The small Barbie fishing rod was stacked in the co

Big Pine FAS to Host June 15 Children’s Program on Bears

(photo courtesy of   Plan to v

Kids Fishing Day a Success

(Above image courtesy of   North centr

Over a Hundred Flathead Kids Play “Hooky” To Go Fishing

Usually when kids play hooky from school it doesn&

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