Bear Recipes

Cooking with Kokanee Quin: Zesty Bear Tenders

How much flavor can you “bear”? Ha-ha.

Bear Meat Nachos!

Bear Meat Nachos are a delicious twist on a classi

Bear Stew Recipe

If bear is in your freezer and on your mind, check


Great steaks are becoming hard to find in Montana.

Breakfast Bear Casserole

Turn your bear into BREAKFAST with this Breakfast

Black Bear Pizza

If you found success this spring and tagged a bear

Watch People’s Reactions to eating Smoked Black Bear Ribs and Heart

There are more ways to eat bear meat than turning

Bear Meat Stir Fry

Turn your bear into stir fry!

Spaghetti and Bear Meat Meatballs Recipe

We don’t know too many people that are anti-

Black Bear POOH Burgers Recipe

Sausage is not the only thing you can make with be

Jalapeno & Cheese Bear Kielbasa Recipe [VIDEO]

What’s not to love about bear meat?  Especi

Ground Black Bear Pooh Burger Recipe

Montana’s spring black bear season opened on

Bear Fat Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

If you’re out bear hunting, and you happen t

Forget the Chicken…Try Some Bear!

Montana’s general big game archery season op

Black Bear Meat Loaf Recipe

For those successful black bear hunters, and for n

Hibernating Bear with Black Magic Sauce Recipe

Montana’s bear season opens on April 15th, a

Bear Stew

What You Need  2lbs. bear stew meat- cut into chu

Bear Stew

I have talked to several bear hunters and they all

Bear Stew

I have talked to several bear hunters while in the

Bear Strip Steak and Rice

For those of you that hunt bear and need a recipe

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